Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Eggey Times

Eggs--How do you like your eggs? If some one asks me this question..the immediate honest answer would be..whatever way you cook them. Indeed when I was a child I would have said not boiled though! But soon when I went to my PG days in Delhi, I found the chatpata ( spicy) way to even make the boiled eggs devine..just add some chopped onions, chillies, coriander leaves and chat masala..and MAGIC done!! And they actually became my favourite when the dubba (tiffin carrier) food used to bland and watery...I know not everyone who is reading this can actually visualise this..and cheers to the ones who can relate to this..Now this blog is about eggs and omlettes and..but definitely not Dubba food..will write another one on it sometime definitely. 

I even used to crave for eggs and eggs when I had the little one tucked in me. OMG..typing away at my workdesk ..and seeing all kinds of eggs in front of me. But honestly there were no eggs even at the premises. One day I actually called up S and said I need to have eggs badly!! And poor him, could not even react much, thanks to my baby in me..Best period in any woman's life and the best excuse..I am pregnant and blame the little one being created.
And to my shock when R was 1 year old, we found out that he has egg allergies and the rule was no eggs at home. Both S and I were waiting for the day when R would grow off his egg allergy and we could introduce him to the eggie world which he really missed out (specially on the birthday parties). The first reaction on the eggs challenge test few months ago, after he tasted a bit of the boiled eggs was 'Mumma this is so creamy buttery' and I must honestly admit that the boiled egg he was having did not even have salt, leave alone butter or anything else. So I opened my kitchen doors to eggs and a new addition to my breakfast table were eggs..oh my my!! Both S and I were delighted to see our little one enjoying his newly discovered food..
Todays's post was supposed to be Omlette curry ...kind of right! Just realized that I have not yet mentioned anything about Omlette..okay we all know Omlette ..I can go on and on if you don't stop me..but you know what! Omlette curry ( or rather what we Bengalis call it Omlette'r Jhol) is such a dear dish for me..I used to love when ma ( mum) cooked this for dinner with fulko roti ( Indian bread). It is actually quite a regular dish in the menu like Egg Curry.

So here goes how I made it and yes R loved it..I added more chillies to the leftovers and had it with bread the next day!!!

What I used
 6 Eggs
2 medium sized onions - chopped fine 
Tomato  -2 chopped fine
Ginger grated - 2 tsp
Garlic Grated- 2 tsp
Chopped Green Chillies- as much spicy as you want or as little.
Coriander Leaf- Chopped fresh and green
Cumin seed- 1 tbsp
Bay Leaf-2
Turmeric Powder-1tsp
Cumin powder- 1 tsp
Coriander powder-1tsp
Chilli powder-1 tsp ( I did not use it though)
Garam Masala - 1tsp
Salt and Sugar to taste
I used Mustard oil to cook this to bring that special aroma..If you want some other oil, go for it.

How I cooked--
1. Whisk the eggs as briskly as you can with half of the chopped onion, chopped chillies and coriander leaf. On a hot pan of shorsher tel (mustard oil---uuuu I love the aroma) pour the egg mixture and make fatty omlette. I generally repeat this process twice so that I have 2 golden omlettes.

2. Cut the omlettes into few square cubes.

3. Now I add some more oil to the pan and wait till it smoke and then throw in bay leaf, cumin seeds. When the seeds splutter, I add ginger and garlic and saute till the kitchen is filled with the fresh garlicky aroma. Then I throw in the rest of the onion and saute till pink. Now tomatoes, are ready to be mashed with the onions on the pan.

4. Then I mix all the spices in little tiny bowl with water ( this is a trick mum taught me and it does wonders if I am cooking in less oil , the spice gets cooked quickly and nicely..I should have a click for this in my next post). In goes the spice and salt and sugar to cooked mushy tomato onion mixture. Then I cover it for about 5 mins with some more water and let it cook.

5. In goes the Omlette slices and cook for another few minutes untill the gravy is ready and bubbly.

6. This is the time to add the pinch of garam masala and coriander leaves. I garnished with some red split red wax chillies.