Friday, 30 November 2012

Muro Chochchori- A game with Fish Head

A long awaiting post to be published and a big apologise to my friends and readers..I can blame it on the lovely holiday I had into the Kingdom of Wonders- Cambodia. Although I was quite optimistic to write about this before heading off, but alas, poor time management, I guess. I know you all are really really understanding ..thank you!! 

So here goes the story..For a Bong Macher Muro ( Fish Head) is very auspicious and delicacy on any important occasion. Macher Muro is an integral ingredient for all ceremonies- and mostly its a huge presentation - I mean a whole muro is presented intact on the plate or thali.

Though I must admit, as a kid, I was quite reluctant to even have a go with the Muro. I would just sometimes ponder how could one eat the bony structure and get that overwhelming taste and pleasure. Of course it was always my dad who would go for the fish head. I used to think it could be a boy thing...Oh God ..I definitely lived in a La La Land...

And then when S stepped into my La La Land, the prospective of food changed and took an entire different route.. I was told Macher Muro was one of his favourites and I actually witnessed that Muro was almost a daily ingredient in the daal ( lentils) or vegetables in my in-law's dinning table. All parts of Fish were like vital...and being a foodie, my palate changed too...This was history and the present picture- I play around muro with whatever I feel like. Made it Indian , Chinese,Malay ingredients..have used different flavours and given twists. Overall outcome has always been relished and the side effects have resulted to an entry to my son's little palette too. He would demand a share of Muro, whenever he feels like.

This was something which I was cooking to clear off my fridge before the I used a medley of stuff. Some Bong, some Singaporean, some Thai...some leftover veggies.. All married together with white snapper head.

So I grabbed-
1 White Snapper Head - cut into two halves and marinated with salt and turmeric
1 tbsp each of Ginger and Garlic Paste
1 Onion Sliced thinly
Half a Radish- Grated ( i just used up leftover radish)
1 Tomato- chopped
A handful of Kaffir Lime Leaves
2 tbsp Mustard Paste
1 tbsp- Black Pepper sauce
1 tsp of Cumin powder
1tsp Turmeric powder
1tsp Coriander powder
Some Kaffir Lime Leaves
Fresh Chillies Split
Fresh Chopped Coriander Leaves
Salt and Pepper to season

See I told you I am going to make a mix and match of spices and flavours with some Indian touch of Muro ghonto( Stir Fry of Fish Head with Veggies).

How did it all mix and match on my wok-

1. I fried the Fish Head in Mustard Oil. This is totally Bong influence ..I mean it ..The tangy and strong Mustard oil really breaks the flavour into the fish head. Need to fry it well at this step and keep it aside.

2. Then in the same oil,I sauteed the ginger and garlic. Once the zing was in the air, threw in the sliced onion and continued stirring. Waited till the translucent stage and added the grated radish. This is a funny ingredient , quite a few of you might fold your eyebrows...but honestly was a good idea and went well with the mustard paste that I added later. Let the veggie mixture cook for couple of minutes.

3. Now in goes all the blends- all the spices, black pepper sauce,mustard paste, tomatoes, lime leaves, chillies. This was when I gave a oriental angle to this dish and stirred for a while. I also added some salt and sugar. Need to be careful with the salt as the Fish head also has some salt.

4. Then I added the Fish Heads, and stirred to coat the main ingredient with all the spice. Let it cover and cook for about 6-7 minutes. 

5. Some of the fish head piece would break and that would add to the taste as well. I actually prefer them broken.

6. Finished with Coriander leaves and enjoyed with boiled rice.



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    1. Thanks for the info and also thanks for visiting my blog..

  2. This is great

  3. Debjanidi, Wow! Your dishes look awesome! Keep it up. When I feel like making something new time, I will try something from your website.


    1. Thank you Sudipta for visiting my blog..Yes please go ahead and let me know how did it go!! Love to experiment around..


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